“But where’s the chocolate?”

Imagine the scene: It’s the morning of the first of December. Little Kenny is creeping furtively down the stairs. He’s been looking forward to this day, because it means he can open the first window on the Advent calendar. And here it is, hanging on the living-room door like it does every year. Continue reading

A world without Kuhn Special Steel

Full of happy anticipation, Kenny looks for window number one. He finally finds it in the picture, under the branch of a fir tree. His little fingers gingerly ease the window open. Oh, no! It’s empty! He tries window number two instead, and then number three, but they’re both empty too. In fact, ALL the windows are empty. “Where’s the chocolate gone?” he tearfully asks.

If it weren’t for Kuhn, the Advent calendar would be empty

Although it might not be obvious at first glance: components from Kuhn Special Steel can be found throughout almost the entire chocolate production process – from the converting of raw material into cocoa mass to the final moulding of chocolate bars. Confectionery manufacturers and suppliers of machines for the processing of raw materials put their trust in rollers, rotors, stators and agitator components from Kuhn Special Steel. These are then installed in the chopping machines and ball mills, praline rollers, mixers and agitators that make chocolate such a creamy, mouldable and delicious treat.

Standards on a par with nuclear technology

There are good reasons for the food sector’s keenness to use components supplied by Kuhn Special Steel. One thing that the food sector and the nuclear industry share is compliance with the very highest acceptance criteria. Every single component and material used must follow extremely strict rules of hygiene. This includes, for example, 100% measuring accuracy in food production equipment in order to prevent contamination by liquid coolants. It is for this reason that Kuhn Special Steel manufactures to tolerances of thousandths of a millimetre, thereby fulfilling the very highest standards.

It is obvious that not only Kenny wants to enjoy chocolate that’s both delicious to taste and made under hygienic conditions. But he first has to get the chocolate in his hands, and this is where Kuhn Special Steel also helps. Specially developed materials that undergo the centrifugal casting process are particularly wear-resistant. This means that machines are less likely to break down and that production is smoother, so, even in times of high-level production, there is no danger of Advent calendars being left unfilled.

Thanks to Kuhn Stainless Steel, it is highly unlikely that the above story would ever come true (when it comes to the production of chocolate-filled Advent calendars at least). So maybe it was his big sister Annie who got to the calendar first, and filched the chocolate during the night. These things happen.

Photo: iraua/Shutterstock.com


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