Kuhn Special Steel continues to produce and deliver reliably even in times of crisis

The corona pandemic continues to create many uncertainties in our daily lives. Two weeks ago, we informed you that Kuhn Special Steel’s production continues. Nothing changed about that. Continue reading

The general conditions have of course become more difficult. For a week now, we have been working with strict separation of areas and layers in the company to curb the possible spread of the Covid-19 virus. As a precaution, we exempted some employees in whose immediate vicinity a suspected case occurred or who came back from risk areas for a two-week quarantine. In the employee area, around 50% of employees use the mobile work opportunities that we created some time ago. An interdisciplinary pandemic team follows the current developments in order to be able to quickly adapt preventive measures if necessary and takes care of the diverse questions and concerns of colleagues in the company.

In such a time of crisis, we live from the good cooperation and commitment of our employees. As managing directors, we are grateful and a little proud of our team. With full focus on our customers, our employees find solutions every day with which we secure production under the difficult conditions and largely keep our delivery commitments. During this time, it pays even more off that we use principles rather than rules in everyday dealings, build on personal responsibility and can communicate with each other comprehensively via notice boards and discussions in an internal blog, Slack and MS teams not only in administration, but also at any other workplace in production.

Based on the expert testimony, we remain optimistic and hope that the restrictions in Germany will not tighten any further and that we can get the spread of Covid-19 under control with the very sensible measures of the government.

Despite the great uncertainty in society, we have good incoming orders. We have largely secured our supply of the raw, auxiliary and operating materials that are important to us through preventive measures. Even in these times we are looking for good employees to strengthen in various areas and we also hired additional employees in March.

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Precaution and normality at Kuhn Special Steel

In the uncommon time of the current corona pandemic, it is worth reporting that everything is going normally at Kuhn Special Steel. With great uncertainty in society in general, there is a mood of calm confidence in our company. All employees are on board and the sickness rate is at a normal seasonal level.

We have introduced generous regulations for all employees regarding changes in shifts, short-term changes in working time models, the cancellation of core working hours and the introduction of day or week-based home office solutions. As a result, all employees are able to meet the sudden need for care for their children caused by the closure of schools and kindergartens and to isolate themselves quickly when cold symptoms occur.

In our rural surroundings in the beautiful, spring-like Radevormwald, the current situation is comparatively normal. Nevertheless, we have to assume that people here will also be affected by the pandemic in the coming weeks. To this end, we have already introduced all the prevention measures recommended by the government and the “Robert Koch-Institut” (the German Federal Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health) in the last two weeks.

Our order situation is stable, as is our supply of all raw materials and supplies. We are currently not expecting any unusual interruptions and are making constructive use of the current phase of fewer contacts, visits and meetings to provide our services to our customers. Simply work.

If you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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