Our 2020 training year starts with ten new apprentices

Ten apprentices started a new phase of their lives on 17 August 2020 with their first day of training at our company. Continue reading

Last year, five cutting machine operators, two foundry mechanics, two machine and plant operators and one industrial clerk were selected from numerous applications. In this way we are also actively counteracting the increasingly noticeable shortage of skilled workers. Because it is precisely these well-trained specialists who, despite advancing technology, are irreplaceable in creating high-quality products and permanent values.

Two apprenticeship places as cutting machine operators are still available in the current training year. Those who decide to apply spontaneously will find all the information on our website.

As is well known, after the start of training is before the start of training, which is why all apprenticeship positions for 2021 have already been advertised in various training portals and on our website since the beginning of July. For the coming year, we are looking for foundry mechanics, machine and plant operators, cutting machine operators (also in combination with high school studies or a dual course of study) and industrial clerks (also in combination with high school studies or a dual course of study). There are also vacancies for warehouse logistics specialists and construction mechanics in the field of welding technology.

If you would like to become a part of Kuhn Special Steel, please feel free to find out more and apply via our website.

Photo: Kuhn Special Steel
(left to right: Kohan Demirbas, Ramón Samarra, Justin Lier, Azat Tekin, Ben Schwentesius, Dennis Schöpper, Nusret Sahin, Johannes Hemer, Tim Stöhr, Florian Langfeld)


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