Personnel change in the management of Kuhn Special Steel

Since 01 June 2021, the management of Kuhn Special Steel has been in the hands of Mark Vierbaum, who joined the company on this date as a very experienced managing director. Mark Vierbaum takes over from Andre Kuhn as spokesman for the management of Kuhn Special Steel and Kuhn Zerspanungstechnik for the operational business. He works closely with Dr Heiko Brauckhoff, who continues to be responsible for sales. Continue reading

(German) Effektiv ohne Chef

(German) Seit einigen Jahren begleitet uns die Unternehmensberatung V&S auf dem Weg zu einer effektiveren Organisation. Ein Bestandteil davon ist die Selbstorganisation. Nicht mehr der Chef sagt, was zu machen ist, sondern Teams entwickeln zusammen die besten Lösungswege. Im Idealfall übernimmt derjenige die Verantwortung für eine Aufgabe, der dafür am besten geeignet ist. Funktioniert das – oder endet der Ansatz in Anarchie? Continue reading

Twenty-one long service records show continuity

Continuity is a precious thing nowadays, but long-term action and research is what lets you accumulate knowledge. As top experts in centrifugal casting, we consider this knowledge – or “know-why” as we call it – to be a vital tool for securing our leading position in the market. Our employees are the guardians of this knowledge, so we are pleased to have managed to make continuity such a key part of our company and its workforce. Continue reading