In the can

We all know that “psssst!” noise that you get when you pull the ring on a refreshing, ice-cold cola, beer or energy drink. Kuhn Special Steel has its part to play in this, even though the cans concerned are not made of stainless steel. Our products are nevertheless used in the manufacture of aluminium cans. Continue reading

The autumn storms begin to blow…

and before long it’s raining cats and dogs, day after day. Rainfall in Northern Europe and elsewhere at this time of year can involve over four gallons of water pouring onto a roof every hour on its way down to the drains. This places permanent stress on the building’s gutters.If they also contain damp autumn leaves, these will restrict free flow and cause build-ups of water in the curved sections. A gutter can easily cope with these stresses – if it has been galvanized. Continue reading

Happy Ending aboard the Dreamboat

The Traumschiff (“Dreamboat”) has been plying its trade to the most beautiful destinations in the world – be they Namibia, New Zealand or Norway – for almost 40 years now. Life on board involves everything from heart-rending love stories and rocky marriages to the rekindling of old friendships. Whoever was at the helm Siegfried Rauch, Sascha Hehn or Florian Silbereisen, captains could rely on two things: a voyage with a happy ending and valve seat rings from Kuhn Special Steel. Continue reading

Dive in!

If it weren’t for Kuhn Special Steel, summer wouldn’t be half as much fun. Really? Yes, really. Just imagine a hot summer’s day at the pool, but without the water slide. It may come as a surprise to learn that water-slide components are actually made using our centrifugal casting process. Continue reading