New dimension(s)

The UFF 600 unit from Kekeisen creates a powerful impression in the machine shop. The dimensions of this mobile-stand milling machine are indeed imposing. It can handle workpieces of up to 6 metres in length (lateral surface) and 5.40 metres (end face). Continue reading

Forty-four metric tons of concentrated processing power: the Kekeisen UFF 6000 mobile-stand milling machine.

With the platform at rest, even heavyweight workpieces can be processed with consistent dynamic performance. Another special feature of this machine is its powerful universal milling head. This allows work to be carried out at a spatial angle, in addition to the usual multi-face machining jobs. Milling and drilling can now take place simultaneously, with non-stepped adjustment and in any spatial position.

Two employees of the supplier remained onsite for three weeks for the installation, and our fitters took a further week to set the machine up to our specifications. Operation of the new, nine-metre-long UFF 6000 could then begin.

For difficult and complex components and subassemblies

This is what makes the mobile-stand milling unit ideal for the four-sided machining of large, bulky items. “The UFF 6000 lets us move, quite literally, into new dimensions. It is the biggest single investment in the company’s history. It allows us to handle not only individual components, but also entire subassemblies; with a single setup, maximum precision and highly efficiently. Our new Kekeisen machine really comes into its own when dealing with sophisticated, high-precision items for submarine and marine technology, like ascending shafts, guide shafts and hydraulic drive components”, says company CEO Andre Kuhn. The advantages in terms of size are complemented by an ability to handle certain components more quickly and above all smoothly, as the mobile platform keeps the machine operator close to where the action is. The unit’s role as a large, highly flexible, machining centre is further enhanced by the tool changer, which likewise moves with the machine. “The UFF 6000 is allowing us to react even more flexibly to our customers’ needs by offering an even wider range of components”, Mr Kuhn adds.

The new mobile-stand unit has now been milling and drilling since September.

Photos: Kuhn Edelstahl; lessingtiede


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