Long Night of Industry 2019

This year’s “Long Night of Industry” of Germany’s Oberberg region took place on 27 June. This is now the third time that we have taken part in the event, and we were duly open to the public on Thursday evening from 5 pm to 10.30 pm. Continue reading

We received a very mixed bag of visitors, ranging from schoolchildren, students and jobseekers to people looking for training and apprenticeship opportunities, among other interested parties.

Visitors received a welcome in our training centre, where they had the opportunity to see a brief video presentation designed to say a bit more about our company, with particular reference to the various trades, technologies, processes and products involved. The offer by some employees and trainees to take questions in face-to-face conversations was very well received, and it resulted in a lively exchange of thoughts. Participants then had the chance to take a ninety-minute tour of the premises and get a close-up look at what we do, by tracking an item through the production process to the point where it becomes – depending on what the customer wants – a pre-turned part or a ready-to-fit component prepared for despatching to its destination. We are highly pleased with the amount of interest shown.

Photo: © Milan Noga reco – stock.adobe.com


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