Ho, ho, ho! The presents are on the way!

Did you know that Santa is one of Kuhn Special Steel’s biggest fans? Well he is, as hardly anyone else is as dependent on the reliability and durability of our products. If it weren’t for us, he wouldn’t be able to put those gifts in boxes or Christmas wrapping paper, and would end up with loose presents or – even worse – an empty sleigh. Continue reading

Pressed, not shaken

All paper starts off as water – plus a little added wood pulp, cellular matter or waste paper. The initial fibrous pulp is actually 99% water and just 1% fibre. More and more of this water is filtered and pressed out during the production process, which continues until the paper achieves its final water content of about 8%. Suction rolls supplied by Kuhn Special Steel help in this respect. Once the watery paper pulp has passed through the first screen, our suction rolls extract more water from the material. These stainless-steel rolls therefore have to be extra-resistant to corrosion, as they would otherwise rust and become unstable. A further advantage: the high resistance to corrosion of our stainless steel translates into long maintenance intervals.

Wrinkle-free in the long run

Paper does not just need to have the right moisture content; it must also be free of wrinkles. That’s how Christmas gifts end up so beautifully wrapped. And this is where Kuhn Special Steel also gives Santa, or rather the paper industry, a helping hand. Our wide-format rollers help keep the paper wrinkle-free as they smooth its path along the production line. The main features of these wide-format rollers include robust design and extra-light, low-friction running. They are also largely maintenance-free. No problem is too big for our rollers.

Thousands of miles of paper run over our rollers month after month, in a clean and reliable way. However many presents Santa intends to deliver, he won’t be short of wrapping paper or cardboard – thanks to Kuhn Special Steel.



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