Happy Ending aboard the Dreamboat

The Traumschiff (“Dreamboat”) has been plying its trade to the most beautiful destinations in the world – be they Namibia, New Zealand or Norway – for almost 40 years now. Life on board involves everything from heart-rending love stories and rocky marriages to the rekindling of old friendships. Whoever was at the helm Siegfried Rauch, Sascha Hehn or Florian Silbereisen, captains could rely on two things: a voyage with a happy ending and valve seat rings from Kuhn Special Steel. Continue reading

Efficiency and service life

Stainless-steel components from Kuhn Special Steel, including the company’s centrifugal-casting K6040 valve seat ring, have been fitted to the engines of cruise ships for many years. Hardness of up to 46 HRC gives the material concerned a key role in the tribosystem of valve discs and seat rings and wherever component friction and wear are likely to occur. An optimised tribosystem increases the efficiency of the mechanism, thanks to reduced friction, and also extends the service life of components based on minimised wear, while cutting maintenance costs and lubricant consumption. This reduces maintenance costs, because there is less need to replace worn parts. The K6040 is likewise highly resistant to both corrosion and the combustion fumes that tend to accumulate in engine rooms. In short: engines last longer.

Traumschiff Kuhn Edelstahl Ventillitzringe
Valve seat rings as high performance key components for the inlets and outlets of large diesel engines, further information can be found here: https://www.kuhn-edelstahl.com/other-sectors

Friction there may be, but not below deck

Reliability is the main demand on the high seas and – thanks to stainless-steel valve seat rings from Kuhn Special Steel – the dreamboat cruise ships of this world can enjoy a trouble-free passage to their destination. After all, there is more than enough excitement and friction on deck. So it’s good to know that everything in the engine room is running smoothly to plan. We make our contribution to delivering a voyage with a happy ending.


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