Great joy for the little ones

There are new dolls and toys in the play corner and, in a few weeks’ time, the whole “Little Rascals” group will be going on a trip out into the country to find out about the region’s flowers and trees. Continue reading

The even-younger members of the “Butterfly” playgroup are meanwhile romping about in their own new play corner with its pile of cuddly toys. No fewer than twelve kindergartens in Radevormwald and two in Wermelskirchen are happy to have been able to use a donation from Kuhn Special Steel to obtain new items that fulfil their ideas. As a company with local roots, it is important for us to be able to support the region’s children. They are our future.

As in previous years, we asked our business partners to consider Christmas donations as an alternative to seasonal gifts. Experience has shown this to be a good idea, as the 46 business partners involved in the pre-Christmas initiative donated a total of €8,775 between them. Many of them are loyal supporters of the initiative. We would like to extend our deepest thanks to all donors for their great generosity.

We naturally likewise wished to make a contribution to the kindergartens concerned and, as we do every year, we have doubled the amount donated. We thus managed to give a total of €18,200 to this year’s recipients, amounting to €1,300 each for the pre-school facilities provided by the 14 kindergartens concerned. The money will allow them to invest in things for which there might not otherwise have been resources, such as new classroom furniture or the latest educational toys.

Some of the kindergartens have already sent us news of how they intend to use the donations, and we look forward to receiving further reports in the course of the year. We sincerely thank all donors once again for taking part in the initiative.

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