Fish at Easter, with a little help from us

Fish will be sizzling in many frying pans this Good Friday, as part of a long Christian tradition in which the faithful recall its dietary association with Jesus. Ichthys, the Greek term for water creatures, is also an acronym of IESOS CHRISTOS THEOU (H)YIOS SOTER (which translates as “Jesus Christ, God’s son, saviour”); and in many communities and parishes, fish is not part of the abstinence requirements of Lent. Continue reading

Particularly popular species at this time of year include salmon and white fish (such as cod and turbot), preferably served as bone-free fillets. But fish-filleting is a rapidly disappearing skill, which hardly anyone is adept at nowadays, so the task has come to be performed by machines. And this is where Kuhn Special Steel comes into play.

Contact-free cutting to remove 100% of the skin

Fish-filleting machines, which skin the fish and automatically remove its bones, can produce up to 25 fillets per minute. They may be fitted with such components as skinning rollers and sets of cutters, many of which are supplied by Kuhn Special Steel. The best way to visualise these roller-and-cutter assemblies is as a tube containing an extremely sharp knife. The roller glides smoothly over the fish to remove its skin. In the next step, the bones are removed from the fish to produce a fillet. These procedures are contact-free. This is great for hygiene, as the less a fish is handled manually, the less chance there is of it becoming contaminated.

Kuhn Special Steel blade assemblies, skinning rollers, cutter rings and separator bowls (which are used to produce fish fingers, for example) are characterised by their high precision, accurate to tiny fractions of an inch.

There are two key properties when it comes to the automated processing of fish: one involves compliance with extremely high standards of hygiene; the other entails maximum precision. As fish is expensive, the blades need to cut as accurately as possible and without producing waste, thereby ensuring that very little edible fish is lost when the skin and bones are removed. Hardly any human is able to work to these tolerances.

Separator bowl as a high performance key component in food technology, further information can be found here:

Easter is coming

Components from Kuhn Special Steel help to ensure a supply of the very best fish fillets for Good Friday. No skin. No bones. Straight into the pan for serving as part of your Easter feast.

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