Extension of our NORSOK certification

“Standstill is regression”, as Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder, a prominent German industrialist, famously said. He has repeatedly been proven right in the sense that long-term growth and success are only possible if we constantly question our performance and look for ways to improve it.

This way of thinking marks the approach of all the departments and divisions of Kuhn Special Steel. We undergo regular audits by various independent certification bodies to gauge our progress in this respect and to provide our customers with a neutral, reliable assessment of our quality. The organisations carrying out these inspections include Achilles Power & Tech Supply Chain Management Community, DNV GL, Lloyd’s Register, RINA, Bureau Veritas and TÜV Rheinland.

We are currently working intensively on the extension of our NORSOK certifications, with the aim of covering four additional materials (J92205, J93404, J93380 and N26625) in accordance with M-650 Rev. 4 standards. The whole procedure began with the construction of a fully automated NORSOK heat-treatment plant, which we put into operation in 2014, subject to an external audit in accordance with NORSOK M-650 Rev. 4 criteria.

We have successful completed testing of the furnace as per M-650 Rev. 4 over the past year. The process has also entailed the testing and approval of our materials and documentation procedures in accordance with NORSOK requirements. We have thus created the conditions needed in the course of this year to conclude the audit process successfully and obtain one of the most important certificates required, in the natural gas and oil industry in particular, to meet the highest demands in terms of the quality and reliability of the certified materials concerned.

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