The outlook for 2021

The Corona year 2020 is over – but the pandemic is still claiming many victims and prospects remain uncertain. Flexibility, enthusiasm and very good cross-company cooperation enabled us to weather the crisis relatively well last year. We continue to build on these strengths of our value-driven corporate culture, no matter what may come. Continue reading

While the stock markets are celebrating new records thanks to low interest rates and full employment reigns once again in the automotive industry, we are not yet seeing a sustained revival in the entire capital goods sector in our more than 20 different markets.

With further investments and the expansion of our research and development activities, we are nevertheless equipping ourselves for the requirements of tomorrow – for crises, for coping with even greater fluctuations in the market, and for the long-term, sustainable reduction of our CO2 emissions at our German site, to which we remain fully committed.

On this basis, we face the new year with confidence.


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