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If it weren’t for Kuhn Special Steel, summer wouldn’t be half as much fun. Really? Yes, really. Just imagine a hot summer’s day at the pool, but without the water slide. It may come as a surprise to learn that water-slide components are actually made using our centrifugal casting process. Continue reading

The reason for this is that the slides and tubes in water parks rely on the effects of a water pump working behind the scenes. Without this steady supply of water to their surface, they would run dry and not be slides at all. The setup might include, for example, submersible motor pumps designed for the continuous supply of thousands of gallons of water along the entire length of the slide. Water slides of more than 300 feet in length are no longer a rarity today, and the pumps used face not only the challenges of long distances, constant operation and great differences in height, but also of the impurities present in water. If the pump technology is to be up to the task, it needs to consist of durable components. And this is where we come into play.

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Shaft protecting sleeve as a high performance key component in pump and valve constructuon, further information can be found here:

The longer the slide …

Kuhn Special Steel supplies seat rings, rotating mechanical seals and sealing rings for large pumps, along with shaft-end and spacer sleeves. These are fitted to self-priming filter pumps, submersible motor pumps, dry-setup pumps and centrifugal pumps. Kuhn Special Steel’s mastery of a wide range of manufacturing methods, dimensions and materials allows the company to supply products for many different pumps in terms of both type and size, including high-volume pumps designed to raise over 2,200 gallons (10,000 litres) an hour. In fact, you could say: “The longer the slide, the more you need Kuhn Special Steel”. All the components concerned are likewise highly resistant to corrosion, so rust doesn’t stand a chance. This considerably increases the service life of individual components and of the pump as a whole, thereby reducing maintenance intervals. Summers can be long, but Kuhn Special Steel is there throughout the season to help you enjoy a cooling dip.

Photos: lessingtiede; Photo by kento-iemoto on Unsplash


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