I’ll have that minced, please.

Temperatures are beginning to get that summertime feel. Time to get out the barbecue! Continue reading

Steaks, sausages, grilled cheese – you name it, but the absolute delight of any barbecue “chef” is a nicely done burger. There are virtually no limits on your creativity here, as your own tastes and preferences alone dictate what you finally put into that sliced burger bun. The meat patty is the vital ingredient of a properly made burger, and the need to keep it nice and juicy means that many manufacturers rely on mincing machines fitted with centrifugally cast rings supplied by Kuhn Special Steel.

Cast, not forged

Top-quality industrial mincing machines grind the meat by gently rolling and flattening it to give it the desired loose consistency. The resulting meat patty looks like something your grandma might have made with her handle-operated mincer.

Our centrifugally cast rings are in fact used at various stages of the meat-mincing process. When it comes to loading the machine, they help to ensure that the mincer operates hygienically, and that it has a long service life. They also perform various functions inside the mincing machine. Fact: practice has shown that rings produced by centrifugal casting provide a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to forged components, with no compromising of quality.

Enough said. Now fire up the barbecue, toast those burger buns, slice the tomatoes and start preparing whatever else you intend to add to the meat. Bon appétit!

Photo: © Maria_Savenko – stock.adobe.com


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