A laptop for every apprentice

There they sit with their brand-new laptops: the budding electronic technicians and specialists in electromechanical systems, metal machinists, construction technicians, foundry mechanics, warehouse specialists, operators of plant machinery, management trainees and IT specialists. Continue reading

Because, for the first time, Kuhn Special Steel is equipping each trainee with a new laptop. “There are two main reasons for equipping our approximately fifty trainees with a computer: we are protecting the environment and preparing the young people concerned for the challenges of Work 4.0”, says Andreas Döbler, Training Manager at Kuhn Special Steel. “For example, starting in summer 2019, digitisation will be part of the IHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) technical examinations.”

Networked and location-independent

Networking and independence of place are two major subject areas when it comes to digitisation. Both are supported by this initiative. Our young professionals can connect with each other and exchange information, whether they are in college, on the works premises or working at home. It is for this reason that we are deploying programs designed to allow trainees to learn independently. This means that laptops are at the trainees’ disposal right around the clock. “Even for private purposes”, states Andreas Döbler. “As long as they properly observe data protection regulations; although this is something they learn about during their training.”

The environmental aspect also played an important role in this decision, as the production of working materials in the future will no longer entail churning out endless numbers of photocopies. This will save large amounts of paper.

Apply now!

Kuhn Special Steel is currently offering training for the above-mentioned professions. There are still training places available. Interested parties are welcome to contact us.
For more information about training opportunities at Kuhn Special Steel, please go to our website “Seidu-beiuns.de” (http://www.seidu-beiuns.de/kuhn-edelstahl/)
where you will also find contact details and application forms. Kuhn Special Steel’s job coaches will be pleased to answer your questions about our training opportunities and their requirements.

Photo: Moll, Jürgen (jumo); Kuhn Edelstahl


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