Celebrating long-service milestones at Kuhn Special Steel

Kuhn Special Steel and its workforce can look back over a long corporate history. After steadily growing since the year 1960, the company has now provided work to several generations of employees. This year alone, no fewer than 23 members of our team are celebrating stints of ten years or more with us.

The three members of the management board, Andre Kuhn, Dr. Heiko Brauckhoff and Dr. Thorsten Minuth have praised the long-service employees concerned and thanked them for their highly positive contributions over several decades. “Despite the many changes that have taken place along the way, these members of our team have stood by us in both good and more difficult times and have thus had a positive influence on the steady growth of the company”, in the grateful words of CEO Andre Kuhn, who belongs to the second generation of the family-run company Kuhn Special Steel.

Kornelius Ziurawski, Oliver Sieber, Patrick Friedemann, Erdogan Gökdemir, Mike Entinger, Marc Drescher, Angelika Ruttkowski, Detlef Neise, Adrian Zwolak, Waldemar Schäfer, Marcel Dürholt, Barbara Schmidt and Andreas Döbler have all completed ten years’ service at Kuhn Special Steel, while Siegfried Augustin, Wolfgang Böttcher, Torsten Wendt and Klaus-Dieter Schmidt been with us for no fewer than twenty years. Dieter Hausmann and Michael Hild are meanwhile celebrating thirty years with the company. Special mention is due to Mr Yakub Colak, who has been with our family firm for an impressive forty years!

In the photo (from left to right)
Back row: Dr. Thorsten Minuth, Andreas Döbler, Thorsten Wendt, Oliver Sieber, Detlef Neise, Kornelius Ziurawski, Siegfried Augustin
Front row: Barbara Schmidt, Markus Ufer, Mike Entinger, Dieter Hausmann, Yakub Colak, Angelika Ruttkowski, Ralf Hübner, Andre Kuhn, Dr. Heiko Brauckhoff

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