Hans Kuhn

It is with deep sadness that we have to announce that our co-founder, Hans Kuhn, passed away on December 9, 2020 at the hospital in Radevormwald. Hans Kuhn was 91 years old – a good age, but we all would have wished him many more happy years! Continue reading

Hans Kuhn played a decisive role in building up our company since the foundry was established in 1965 and left his mark through his personality, his foresight, his intellect and, above all, his humanity. We owe him an infinite amount.

Hans Kuhn joined our company in 1965 as a highly committed young engineer and became a partner with his brother Klaus, who had founded the company as a contract turning shop in 1960. This step marked the start of the success story of stainless steel centrifugal casting in Radevormwald – at that time still at the first location in the Herbeck part of town. While Klaus Kuhn concentrated on production and technology, the older brother Hans Kuhn shifted his focus to the sales and commercial areas.

His excellent entrepreneurial skills, his flair for interpersonal relationships and his persuasive personality were key success factors in the decades of building up and expanding our company. He built up the company’s customer base and, through his personality, integrity and technical expertise, enjoyed the highest level of trust among our employees and customers as well as all external business partners from the very beginning.

During the generational transition, Hans Kuhn’s contribution was also enormously important as a mentor and neutral dialogue partner. Soon after, he demonstrated his confidence in the next generation by selling his shares to Andre Kuhn in order to avoid the company’s assets being split up.

Hans Kuhn remained a mentor and advisor to Kuhn Special Steel until his death and was a constantly inspiring, motivating symbol of the positively and optimistically thinking businessman, whose conviction and vision for the future could not be shaken by any crisis.

Hans Kuhn has left many lasting traces behind. At the company and in the hearts of those around him. We will maintain these and encourage those who knew him to preserve their memories of Hans Kuhn and share them so that he may live on in our thoughts. Our condolences and support go especially to his immediate family, who were able to be with him until the end.

In grateful memory
Management and staff
Kuhn Special Steel

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