Colourful and different: looking for the professionals

They’re searching the trains. Truck drivers are on the lookout. And Bayer and others are scouring Instagram. All companies are trying to find that rarest of species: the qualified trained specialist. Continue reading

The times when a simple small ad in the local paper sufficed are long gone. Kuhn Special Steel, as a supplier of high-quality steel components, likewise depends on having qualified staff to match. Because, when it comes down to it, we can only ever be as good as the people we have working for us. So we don’t just want the best. We want the best of the best. With a view to achieving this, we are sprucing up our headhunting operation.

This reboot of how we go about finding human resources is a three-part affair.

1. We’re adding more colour

Our recruitment ads are going to be more eye-catching from now on. This entails greater use of colour and a series of large arrow designs to add to our communicative strength. Our corporate colour will still be blue of course, but as many other organisations also use variants of blue, its impact can end up being diluted. Our incorporation of extra bright shades will change this. By the way, these colours and designs will not only be restricted to our headhunting operation.

2. Getting ourselves noticed

Our well-qualified managers provide one of the best arguments for working at Kuhn Special Steel. They have all undergone our leadership training programme, for instance. And it shows, again and again, in the way that they exemplify our values. We therefore address ourselves to candidates by going straight to the top and introducing the new boss. This lets new employees know exactly who they will be reporting to, before even setting foot on the premises.

3. We explore new ways of doing things

As we mentioned, the days of a discreet classified ad in the local rag have passed. We now need to take a more creative and striking approach. This includes greater use of the web, witty messages emblazoned on our fleet vehicles and the planning of unusual publicity campaigns. Why not get the baker to print an ad on his paper bags? If we can’t “bake” a perfect batch in-house, maybe we can catch candidates when they go in to buy bread.

What kind of candidates are we looking for?

The answer came from our own employees, as the result of a discussion workshop: “We want colleagues who work together with us to create the job, as part of joint team effort that focuses on continuous development.” The three items in bold let us come to the point: “create the job together

If you want to help us create the job together, we look forward to receiving your application at:
Karriere bei Kuhn Edelstahl

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