In-house vaccination campaign in full swing

In the past months, we have worked very intensively on the planning of an in-house vaccination campaign in order to be prepared for various scenarios in the best possible way. It was clear from the beginning: the more employees are vaccinated against coronavirus, the sooner our company can get back to business as usual. Continue reading

From the first day of the release of the vaccination priority for Astrazeneca, we have worked closely with the Oberberg community practice in Radevormwald. Thanks to this cooperation, we were able to offer all employees a vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 at a very early stage and arrange an appointment for everyone who wanted it. We were very pleased that this initiative was so well received.

In the last few weeks, we have come a long way thanks to a high willingness to be vaccinated and the outstanding efforts of the Oberberg community practice. We have successfully completed the initial round of first vaccinations. In this way, we are reducing the possibility of infection and ensuring the best possible protection against serious illness for all employees. With this milestone, our reliability towards the customers increases significantly again. An important step towards normality.


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