Trainees on the Move

Road clear for new talents: trainees get a car of their own

If you want to take on the best talents, you need to offer more than just good wages and a varied job description. Kuhn Special Steel knows this, which explains why a group of some fifty apprentices are now happy to be behind the wheel of a VW Polo that they can drive on their daily commute and also use at weekends.

The attraction of carpooling

“Our trainees can now organise a car pool, for example, to avoid having to use public transport to get to work”, is how Andreas Döbler, the man in charge of Kuhn Special Steel’s industrial and technical trainees, explains this unusual idea. Having a nippy little hatchback at your disposal makes commuting less of a chore, and it strengthens the camaraderie of the apprentices concerned.

The car is also available for private use, thus giving our highly motivated trainees concrete evidence, parked outside their home at weekends, of where dedication can lead.

“The VW Polo subtly encourages those involved to do their best,” says Andreas Döbler.

Fun and appreciation

Kuhn Special Steel wishes to emphasise the importance of car ownership to its apprentices, so the vehicle concerned is individually assigned and not a part of the general company fleet. The creative corporate imaging makes this plain. The door windows bear Azubi Team (“Trainee Team”) stickers, and a Grand Prix-style number on the sides highlights the job-application hotline number and website address.

“An apprenticeship at Kuhn Special Steel is far more just than an important step in your career; it is actually a fun thing to do, in the company of a great team of highly appreciated fellow trainees. All this raises the profile of Trainees on the Move”, according to Andreas Döbler.

If you would like to know more about our training opportunities…

just visit Kuhn Special Steel’s trainee website at:

The site provides full details of our professional opportunities, the content of our training programmes, the company itself and its contact people.

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