Dive in!

If it weren’t for Kuhn Special Steel, summer wouldn’t be half as much fun. Really? Yes, really. Just imagine a hot summer’s day at the pool, but without the water slide. It may come as a surprise to learn that water-slide components are actually made using our centrifugal casting process. Continue reading

Two months in the far north of Germany

The municipalty of Sörup, or Sørup, as it is close to Germany’s border with Denmark, is the home of our sister company M. Jürgensen. It lies about 12 miles (20 km) south-east of Flensburg in the beautiful region of Schleswig-Holstein. Two of our third-year trainees, Sarah and Marie, worked there for two months in order to get to know about the different processes and procedures used. Sarah von Dombrowski is training to be an industrial mechanic, while Marie Nieswand is an aspiring metal machinist. This is their report. Continue reading

Bibi, live and in colour

What would the lives of Bibi, Cathy Hummels and the twins Lisa and Lena* (made famous by the TikTok online platform) be like without Kuhn Special Steel? We can’t really answer this question seriously of course, but our four Instagram stars would probably have to be considering a new business model – and their world would definitely be a less colourful one. And not just their world; because if it wasn’t for Kuhn Special Steel, smartphones would only display black-and-white images (which would make Instagram a little monotonous in the long run). How come? Continue reading

(German) Effektiv ohne Chef

(German) Seit einigen Jahren begleitet uns die Unternehmensberatung V&S auf dem Weg zu einer effektiveren Organisation. Ein Bestandteil davon ist die Selbstorganisation. Nicht mehr der Chef sagt, was zu machen ist, sondern Teams entwickeln zusammen die besten Lösungswege. Im Idealfall übernimmt derjenige die Verantwortung für eine Aufgabe, der dafür am besten geeignet ist. Funktioniert das – oder endet der Ansatz in Anarchie? Continue reading

Twenty-one long service records show continuity

Continuity is a precious thing nowadays, but long-term action and research is what lets you accumulate knowledge. As top experts in centrifugal casting, we consider this knowledge – or “know-why” as we call it – to be a vital tool for securing our leading position in the market. Our employees are the guardians of this knowledge, so we are pleased to have managed to make continuity such a key part of our company and its workforce. Continue reading