Effects of the Ukraine War

With his major attack on the territory of the Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is escalating the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has been going on for many years. He is triggering a situation that should never happen again. Which the United Nations Security Council has been trying to prevent with its work since its foundation in 1946. War. War in Europe. War right on our doorstep. Continue reading

Reports and pictures from the crisis area are causing bewilderment. We are concerned for our fellow human beings in Ukraine. Our sympathy goes to all the people who have to fear for their belongings, their families, their existence and their lives in this senseless war.

Even in this exceptional situation, we are committed to our customers and employees and are taking a look at the economic impact of the current situation. Our supply of raw materials and energy is secured in the near future. We have no supply or trade relations with Ukraine or Russia. Our ability to deliver is currently not at risk. We can safely assume this as long as Russia does not completely stop the gas supply.

The price situation for electricity and gas has been very tense since December 2021. The new world political situation will lead to a further aggravation of this situation. As an energy-intensive company, this has a massive impact on our cost structure and we are not in a position to compensate for the exploding costs in the short and medium term. We have to pass on the price increases to our customers and are grateful for the largely existing understanding that is being shown to us in this respect. However, uncertainty remains: how long can they themselves cope with the cost increases? How much will our competitive position towards non-European countries be weakened?

Nevertheless, as a value-oriented family business, we are in favour of a clear positioning of German foreign policy in the current situation. “When […] human lives are actually threatened, when human rights are not respected by trading partners or when international security is at risk, economic interests must clearly take a back seat. Peace in the world is an ultimate asset and there is no room for compromise with states that put military options into play to strengthen their negotiating positions.“[1]

[1] Andre Kuhn (https://familienunternehmer-blog.de/fuer-eine-selbstbewusste-deutsche-aussenpolitik/#more-931)


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