Outlook for the year 2022

A strong order intake and an explosion in energy and material prices are marking the beginning of the new year. Continue reading

The economic upturn in mechanical and plant engineering has also reached us. After many years of restraint, there seems to be a lot of catch-up effects in all areas of industry and energy supply. Even political unrest has not dampened this optimism so far.

On the other hand, energy and raw material prices are rising at a rapid pace to levels not seen in 15 years. We must pass these costs on to our customers quickly and effectively. We can only say thank you for the broad understanding shown on the part of customers. This puts us in a position to jointly manage even the extreme cost fluctuations we are currently experiencing.

Fortunately, we are also able to find new competent employees in all areas and bring them into our company. Value-oriented family-run companies seem to remain an attractive employer on the labour market. On the other hand, we are concerned about the large number of unfilled apprenticeship positions for the coming training year. Here we see an “application fatigue” among the students of all schools, which is also being reported by other companies in our area and raises concerns about the long-term future of our industrialised country.

Overall, however, the good order situation gives rise to well-founded expectations of a successful 2022!


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