The outlook for 2019

There are turbulent times of change, but our value-oriented family business intends to carry on in 2019 as a guarantor of stability and reliability for staff and commercial associates alike. Continue reading

“Openness, tolerance and respect, these are values that have made our country strong” is how Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel, put it in her New Year speech for 2019.

Despite the political turmoil that is unfortunately continuing to create divisions in the country (which we regard with a certain disquiet), these values are also at the core of our corporate group, and are the basis of good cooperation both within our company and with our business partners.

Fortunately, economic prospects continue to be good. The shortage of skilled workers in the German regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein has nevertheless had a dramatic impact. Good employees have always been in demand, but hardly any are currently available for recruitment, regardless of their function or area of specialisation. The market is clearly overheated.

We are therefore investing in the long term in the expansion of our in-house employee training and qualification facilities at both our Radevormwald and Sörup sites. We are happy and grateful for the high level of commitment and outstanding performance of our present workforce, which also lies at the root of our future success, and it is on this basis that we are confidently facing the year to come.

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