The Class of 2019

All ten of this year’s candidates have successfully passed out after recently completing their training at Kuhn Special Steel. Continue reading

The newly skilled group (three metal machinists, an industrial mechanic, a foundry mechanic, an electronics technician, three machine/plant operators and an IT specialist) has acquired extensive knowledge in their chosen fields, and now deserves to celebrate. We are truly proud of our young colleagues, and sincerely congratulate them for their top performance.

One thing that we are especially pleased about is that most of them are also future members of our team, with five of the group going straight onto fixed contracts of employment with us. A further three have opted for a subsequent course of study or the way to Germany’s Abitur (university-entry examination), but will remain on the books as Kuhn Special Steel student trainees or interns.

We would like to wish our successful graduates all the best for their future professional life and look forward to our working together.

Photo: lessingtiede


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