Twenty-one long service records show continuity

Continuity is a precious thing nowadays, but long-term action and research is what lets you accumulate knowledge. As top experts in centrifugal casting, we consider this knowledge – or “know-why” as we call it – to be a vital tool for securing our leading position in the market. Our employees are the guardians of this knowledge, so we are pleased to have managed to make continuity such a key part of our company and its workforce. Continue reading

This continues to be the case in 2019, as our three joint CEOs, Andre Kuhn, Dr. Heiko Brauckhoff and Dr. Thorsten Minuth, thank no fewer than 21 members of our team for their many years of service to the firm. “We are particularly pleased to see how more and more former apprentices are celebrating their long service with us. It makes us proud to say that we have done the right thing by training up new blood in-house, in a gradual process that turns those concerned into valuable professional and managerial staff,” says enthusiastic Andre Kuhn.

Up to 40 years at Kuhn Special Steel

  • Jens Tolksdorf, Ali Cevik, Sascha Schmidt, Matthias Block, Dominik Flüss, Arndt Heer, René Steinbach and Man-Ling Tung-Pieper have all been at Kuhn Special Steel for ten years.
  • Christine Huss, Dr. Frank Wischnowski, Frank Schröder and Sebastian Schwarzer have been with us for 20 years.
  • Thomas Weber and Markus Konrad are 25-year veterans,
  • while Klaus-Jürgen Lowinski, Udo Lemberg, Bruno Jantos and Ralf Frowein have now been with us for 30 years.
  • Special mentions go to Volker Nickel and Hans-Peter Schneider (35 years with the company in both cases) and Harry Dentz, who has been part of our family firm for no fewer than 40 years.

We intend to ensure that this policy of continuity in employment applies well into the future, as it will benefit all concerned; be it our customers, the company itself or our team of employees.

Photo: Kuhn Edelstahl


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